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What is this written in, and how can I convert it to HTML?

I need to edit it, but not sure how to convert it to HTML. I need to style it, but not sure how to start. Thought it was markdown but its not. Maybe its coffeescript, but I thought that was for Javascript. Do I need to convert from coffeescript to javascript then from javascript to something? I'm a bit lost.

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At the very least you should include an example of the text in your question. – Felix Kling May 14 '13 at 17:43

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It is an AngularJS Template that you can build up with CoffeeKup(as said, and linked, in another answer), but then you'll need AngularJS to reuse it!

Angular Script

Angular Dynamic Templates

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Looks like they're using Coffeescript with a library called CoffeeKup. CoffeeKup allows you to make HTML pages using Coffeescript. If you check out the CoffeeKup GitHub repo they've got intructions on compiling CoffeeKup templates to plain HTML in the README.

As for styling, you could compile the HTML and include a CSS stylesheet from there. Otherwise, you would probably have to use a Node.js web framework to render the CoffeeKup templates themselves with stylesheets.

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