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I want to write $\eta=a^2$ in Helvetica/Arial a matplotlib label. I see two possibilities:

  1. u"η${}=a^2$" with

    matplotlib.rc("font", **{"sans-serif": ["Arial"], "size": fontsize})
  2. u"$\\eta=a^2$" with

    matplotlib.rc("font", **{"sans-serif": ["Arial"], "size": fontsize})
    matplotlib.rc("text", usetex=True)
    matplotlib.rc("text.latex", preamble=["\\usepackage{helvet}\\usepackage{sfmath}"])

In the first case, all math has the standard CM fonts. In the second case, the η is in the standard CM font. Bummer. Is there a way to get everything in Helvetica/Arial?

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In your first option, just add the following to the 'font' dictionary:

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