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With the jQuery resizable() method how do you make it so that

width = 31 + $('idName').height()

I'm re-sizing a video player, the controls are constantly 31 pixels, which is good because many embedded videos whose controls get re-sized are unusable.

I'd like it to go from, let's say:

620/378 (620/347+31)


310/189 (310/158+31)

Sorry I forgot to mention, the div is the id being accessed with the jQuery resizable() method, the way the video player (it's just an HTML5 object element) is being re-sized is that I set its height and width to 100% in my CSS file, this allows it to constantly re-size itself compared to the div object.

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What is $('idName')? The frame with the player inside? Please be more specific in what you need, your question isn't clear at all – LightStyle May 14 '13 at 18:36

jQuery UI resizable() makes an element resizable, you still need to act on the resize() event

based on your first equation

$('#idname').resize(function() {
    $(this).width( 31 + $(this).height() );

But i don't think this will give you what you want.

It may be better to look into the aspectRatio parameter of resizable() and maybe need not worry about the event at all

$( "#idname" ).resizable({
      aspectRatio: 620 / 378
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Yeah what I've been doing for the moment is using the aspectRatio parameter and not worrying too hard. – Feng Huo May 14 '13 at 19:12

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