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I try out the platform-core-1.0 rc5 Plugin to services by events. Now I write a service in the grails-plugin "listadmin":

package listadmin

class SECO_ListenService {

    @grails.events.Listener(topic='getEntriesOfList', namespace='listadmin')
    def getEntriesOfList(String intnalListName) {
        println "SECO_ListenService"
        def Liste aList = Liste.findByInternal_name(intnalListName)
        return aList.eintrage.toList()

This service should return a list for dropdown in an other grails-plugin called "institutionadmin". I want to use this list of the service for a dropdown of a domain-model. I should mention that I use dynamic scaffolding. Now I try to call this event in the domain-model:

package institutionadmin
import org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException
class Einrichtung {

    Long einrichtungs_type
    Long type_of_conzept
    int anzahl_gruppen
    int anzahl_kinder_pro_Gruppe
    String offnungszeiten
    static hasMany = [rooms : Raum]
    static constraints = {
        def aList = []
        def reply = event(for:"listadmin", topic:"getEntriesOfList", data:"einrichtung_type").waitFor()

        aList = reply.value.toList()
        einrichtungs_type(inList: aList)

If I try to run this application i get the following error:

Caused by MissingMethodException: No signature of method: institutionadmin.Einrichtung.event() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[for:listadmin, topic:testEventBus]] Possible solutions: ident(), every(), every(groovy.lang.Closure), count(), get(java.io.Serializable), print(java.lang.Object)

If call this event in a controller everything is fine and the documentation of this plugin describe that I can call events also in domain-models and services... This error-method tell me, that the class don't know the event method.

Do I have to configure anything else?

Should call the event in another way or where is my mistake?

Has anybody experiences with this module?

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The event(...) dynamic methods are not available on class (static) level.

You can pull the grailsEvents spring bean and call its event() method alternatively. You still have to get the bean from the application context statically though.

You could also use a custom validator instead, as you can get the current domain instance as a parameter, which should have the event() method injected.

something like this :

static myList = []
static constraints = {
    einrichtungs_type validator: { value, instance ->
            // cache it the first time you save/validate the domain
            // I would probably recommend you NOT to do this here though in 
            // real life scenario
            def reply = instance.event('blabla').get()
            myList = reply.value.toList()

        return value in myList

Anyway, In my case I would probably load the list elsewhere (in the Bootstrap.groovy for instance) and use it / inject it in my domain instead of doing in the constraints closure.

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I faced similar kind of problem, I wanted to use the event call inside a service class which is going to call the listener in other service class. When I started my application I got the same error.What I did was, added the plugin(platform-core:1.0.RC5) entries in BuildConfig.groovy like below

plugins {

        ":platform-core:1.0.RC5") {
        export = false
    compile ':platform-core:1.0.RC5'
    runtime ':platform-core:1.0.RC5'

Then I ran grails > clean and grails > compile on that project and restarted the server.It started working. Might be you can give a try.

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