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Currently I am grabbing football fixtures via a screen scrape and each time the rake task is performed I am deleting all the records and saving the new ones..I don't want to do this, I want to only save the fixtures that dont exist. My logic so far is

def get_fixtures # Get me all Home and away Teams
 doc = Nokogiri::HTML(open(FIXTURE_URL))
 days = doc.css('#fixtures-data h2').each do |h2_tag|
 date = Date.parse(h2_tag.text.strip).to_date
  matches = h2_tag.xpath('following-sibling::*[1]').css('tr.preview')
  matches.each do |match|
    home_team = match.css('.team-home').text.strip
    away_team = match.css('.team-away').text.strip
    kick_off = match.css('td.kickoff').text.strip
     Fixture.create!(home_team: home_team, away_team: away_team, fixture_date: date, kickoff_time: kick_off)


What would be the best way to go about this, another method to check if record exists? but unsure how to go about this

My fixture model

class Fixture < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :home_team, :away_team, :fixture_date, :kickoff_time, :prediction_id

  belongs_to :predictions

could i use validates_uniqueness_of in the fixture model, would my create in the rake task check this first?

Any help appreciated

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Several choices:

One Shot (as of Rails 3.2.13):

Fixture.where(home_team: home_team, away_team: away_team, fixture_date: date, kickoff_time: kick_off).first_or_create!
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thanks, does this have any consequences with regards to speed? –  Richlewis May 14 '13 at 20:08
@Richlewis, minor bump due to checking if record exists first. However is that a concern for this task? If so, you can use straight SQL. In mysql's case, use "INSERT IGNORE". –  omarvelous May 14 '13 at 20:14
doesnt make a difference in this case as only small amounts of data i guess, i was just curious –  Richlewis May 14 '13 at 20:15
guides.rubyonrails.org/… for more info –  omarvelous May 14 '13 at 20:15
thanks very much –  Richlewis May 14 '13 at 20:21

you can use find_or_create_by_ method:

Fixture.find_or_create_by_home_team(home_team: home_team, away_team: away_team, fixture_date: date, kickoff_time: kick_off)

This dynamic finder can be used to create the object if it doesn’t already exist. This dynamic finder is called with find_or_create_by_ and will return the object if it already exists and otherwise creates it, then returns it.

If you have additional parameters to find_or_create_by_, you have to pass all the parameters as a hash.

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thank you for your help aswell, much appreciated –  Richlewis May 14 '13 at 20:25

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