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Like the user in this post:

Selenium WebDriver: cannot find element with name

I am getting the "Unable to find element with name == q" error. I'm able to correct it locally by adding bing.com to the list of Trusted Sites, however when I bush to the build server as part of our automated TFS build process, I get the error again because the build server doesn't have that change made.

How can I change IE's list of trusted sites on the TFS build server?

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You can try to login under build service account and add the site to trusted that way. –  drk May 15 '13 at 8:17

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Besides the metod written in comment (just to login and set) there are other methods.

Trusted sites are written in windows registry so it is possible to write program/script to write it there see: Adding “Trusted Sites” to Internet Explorer, via the registry.

Internet Explorer settings can be maintained by group policy in domain so you can use e. g. Deploy IE "Trusted Sites" through Group Policy 2008

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