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I am trying to copy files from nunit test build folder to nunit runtime folder but getting

Access denied error

I have a folder path setup like Testproject/bin/debug/something.config and tried the options below but its not working for me.

  • Deleted the bin folder and then rebuilt it.
  • Opened closed VS.
  • Deleted bin folder created new bin folder manually.
  • Tried to remove readonly in folder option but it again gets set to readonly.

I found these worked for others in the thread Unable to copy file. Access to the path is denied

I am also using SVN as source control.

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Did you check if this file is taken by SVN? –  Jersson May 14 '13 at 21:57
Are you trying to copy the files by hand, or are they copied during a test? If the latter, try the former, and also check that you are appropriately closing any file handles you have in the test. –  JStromwick May 15 '13 at 0:11

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One thing that you haven't tried is to run Visual Studio as an administrator. Right click on it, and select run as administrator.

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Sounds like it was locked and abandoned.

I've used LockHunter to unlock files that Windows so often locks and abandons. Even after rebooting the files can sometimes remain locked by a process that no longer exists.

It will also tell you what applications have locked the file.

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