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Well, this is my persona setup:

$ ->
    $('#login-btn').click (e) ->
    $('#logout-btn').click (e) ->

    current_user = window.current_user or null
        loggedInUser: current_user
        onlogin: (assertion) ->
            ($.post '/verify', assertion: assertion, (response) ->
                if response.success
                    console.log response
            ).fail (err) -> console.log err
        onlogout: () ->
            $.post '/logout', () ->

The /verify and /logout paths just initialise the session. It works fine, the user is added to the database, which means the login is successful. I get to see the logged in screen for a moment, but then suddenly, the site reloads and I am logged out again. Every time.

During that brief moment, I was able to cancel the reload and could see that the email in window.current_user was correctly set as well.

So why does this happen?

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Do you happen to have disabled third-party cookies, by any chance?

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