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for a project at work, we are using PHPCR-ODM. we have a Document with the following field:

 * @var \Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection
 * @PHPCRODM\ReferenceMany(targetDocument="SystemSize")
private $system_sizes;

we'd like to provide the user a list of checkboxes - one for each possible SystemSize - and then search for any document that contains at least one of the SystemSizes specified.

for example, suppose object A has Small and Large, object B has Medium and Large, and object C has Large. a user selects Small and Medium. we should find objects A and B.

one of my co-workers suggested creating an additional field that represents a list of all of the referenced documents - so in this case, a text field called system_sizes_list - and then use a LIKE comparison to search against that field.

given the number of limitations we've run into with PHPCR-ODM, it's possible this the best solution... but I really don't want to believe it; surely there's a better way! I just can't find it >_>

possibly-relevant: PHPCR-ODM does not (currently?) support leftJoin(), in(), or orX()->addMultiple() (although you can simulate orX()->addMultiple() using call_user_func_array()...)

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