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I have this code to upload EML files to exchange.

#Upload Eml Sample  

$folderid= new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.FolderId([Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.WellKnownFolderName]::Inbox,$MailboxName)     
$Inbox = [Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.Folder]::Bind($service,$folderid)  
#Crete Email Object  
$emUploadEmail = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.EmailMessage($service)  
#Read File  
[byte[]]$bdBinaryData1 =  get-content -encoding byte "C:\temp\exportedmail.eml"  
#Set Mime Content in Message  
$emUploadEmail.MimeContent = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.MimeContent("us-ascii", $bdBinaryData1);  
#Set Sent Message Flags which means message wont appear as a Draft  
$PR_Flags = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ExtendedPropertyDefinition(3591, [Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.MapiPropertyType]::Integer);  

When I try to upload a EML file with an attachment it will crash the computer running the script. It takes all the memory. How can I modify the code above to upload the eml and the attachment.

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Edit for solution: Glen Scales provides a solution here:!/2012/02/ews-managed-api-and-powershell-how-to_22.html

Replace Get-Content:

[byte[]]$bdBinaryData1 = get-content -encoding byte "C:\temp\exportedmail.eml"


[byte[]]$bdBinaryData1 = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes("C:\temp\exportedmail.eml")

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