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I am creating a linux script that will monitor a specific entry from a log file as follows:

I have 1 log file that contains the errors <error_list> that we closely monitor, from a specific file called error file.

I was able to create a portion of the script, where it counts the number of errors from the error file. However, I am having issues creating the notification part.

Here is the sample of my script:

cat <error_list> | while read key
   numlines=$(grep -i "$key" <error file> | wc -l)
   echo Found $numlines of: \"$key\" | tee -a search.results

I am hoping you could help me by adding qualification to provide notification email as follows:

if errors_list = to any content of error file; then send notification

else; do nothing.
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Not sure if this code would work. Reason being –  Vivek Vermani Dec 24 '13 at 19:27

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This code won't work with rolling logs. Here is a script that could be of use -


Please refer the script. The following line is the pulling the error snippet and sending the mail.

echo 'awk "/$linestart/,/$lineend/" $logFilePath/$logFileName | egrep "$errorList" | /usr/sbin/sendmail -s $EMAIL_SUBJECT $EMAIL_TO'

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