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I want to make it that for a certain file type, the icon is dynamically generated by my app. For example, photos appear as thumbnails in the Finder - I want .myapp files to appear as special, per-file generated icons in the Finder. How can I do this?

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Review apple documentation for CFBundleTypeName, CFBundleTypeIconFile, LSItemContentTypes, etc... http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/Documents/Concepts/DocTypePList.html

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Links make poor answers. For example, that link is dead. –  Alexis Jan 4 at 18:10

I was trying to do the same. The solution I found useful was to register your own file type for the application. To do that you need to specify new key in info.plist of your application. Specify CFBundleTypeName(your file type) and CFBundleTypeExtensions(your file extension like mytxt). To specify custom icons fill the CFBundleTypeIconFile with your .icns file name. It is also important to put the .icns file inside Resources in your .app.





        <false />

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