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I have a folder with Unknown Number of Images of Same Size and Same Format.

I need a Java Script or JQuery Code to display all images Sliding Vertical Downward in such a way that :

  1. Images should be Shuffled at first time.
  2. Sliding should start automatically without any user stop action.
  3. When last image is sliding.. the first image should follow it. (means continuous repeating without any gap between two images).
  4. Alt Attribute should be displayed if user not allowing images. (See heading : File Info 'Image Title')
  5. When user place mouse on any sliding image.. sliding must stop and when user mouse out it should continue sliding.
  6. When user click any image it should navigate user to the corresponding URL. (See heading : File Info 'Image Description')

Note : point 5 and 6 not required but it will be very good if you include these also

File Info

Folder Name : container (this folder contains all image)
Image Size : 200*100px 
Image Format : .jpg 
Image Name : have unique integer name (not sequential)
Image Title : may or may not contain 'Alt Attribute'
Image Description : may or may not contain 'URL'
Scripting Language : PHP

Image to display in

<div id="slider"></div> (200*100px)

Please Help Me , I will be highly obliged to you

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What have you done so far? –  daniel May 15 '13 at 0:50
I'm just developing it github.com/Bawyka/jQuery-Mousewheel-Slider, but I'm not sure that the size and other parametres are the same that u need. If someone intersting too can make a fork. (This is just an example, working very very basically ). –  Smash May 15 '13 at 2:55

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