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I am using Zend_Form_Element_Select to create a select form element. Here's how the inner HTML is rendered:

<option value="9" label="Biscuits">Biscuits</option>    
<option value="10" label="Scones">Scones</option>
<option value="11" label="Cakes">Cakes</option>

Now, I want to be able to include a custom data attribute, data-qty, with each option, per the following example:

<option value="9" label="Biscuits" data-qty="27">Biscuits</option>  
<option value="10" label="Scones" data-qty="12">Scones</option>
<option value="11" label="Cakes" data-qty="21">Cakes</option>

I can't see any way to do this out of the box so I think I'll need to extend the select element, create a new decorator, or some such solution. Any ideas?

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May this helps you stackoverflow.com/questions/5401412/… –  Rikesh May 15 '13 at 13:41

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