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I have the below code to move through a list of the folders and files in a zip archive creating them as I goes (also creating paths for files if not created yet).

The application crashes when I use readData(char*, qint64) to extract internal files data to stream it into a QFile. I don't think this is the right thing to use but it's all I've seen (in a very loose example on this site) and I also had to change the QuaZipFile.h to make the function public so I can use it (also hinting I shouldn't be using it).

It doesn't crash on the first file which has no contents but does after that. Here is the necessary code (ask if you need to see more):

QFile newFile(fNames);
QTextStream outToFile(&newFile);
char * data;
int len = file.readData(data, 100000000);
if(len > 0) {
    outToFile << data;

It doesn't pass the int len line. What should I be using here? Note that the variable file is defined earlier pretty puch like this:

QuaZip zip("zip.zip");
QuaZipFile file(&zip);

And the int passed to readData is a random number for the max data size.

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The reason for the crash is that you have not allocated any memory for your buffer, named data.

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I tried using different reads (readData, read, readLine) and found that this line works with no need for a data buffer:

outToFile << file.readAll();
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