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I just migrated my website from shared hosting to its own VPS. Everything seems to be up and working except a custom database of items and quests.

Now the template database pages are receiving an error. The error is:

Warning: mysql_query() expects parameter 2 to be resource, null given in [line of code]

This error is popping up on every page on and I am not sure why. It must be a server misconfiguration. I thought it might be my PHP version but the site worked fine on PHP 5 on the shared hosting. I am also using PHP 5 on the new VPS.

Could this be a SQL configuration problem? PHP? I am new to VPS so working my way through as fast as I can. I am just not sure why it all worked fine on one and not the other.

It seems the errors are in the part of the code creating record sets. Here is one block, all of the errors seems similar. The first line and the third are the ones throwing the error.

mysql_select_db($database_ddm_TOR_db, $ddm_TOR_db);
$query_rsLowLevel = "SELECT DISTINCT MinimumLevel FROM ddo_items ORDER BY MinimumLevel ASC";
$rsLowLevel = mysql_query($query_rsLowLevel, $ddm_TOR_db) or die(mysql_error());
$row_rsLowLevel = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsLowLevel);
$totalRows_rsLowLevel = mysql_num_rows($rsLowLevel);

I did see some posts talking about mysql_ versus mysqli_ but I guess this shouldn't be a problem since this was already running on PHP 5.

If this is the case can I do a find/replace in Dreamweaver to fix this?

Any thoughts or input on this would be much appreciated.

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You likely have the wrong credentials in your connection. –  Cfreak May 15 '13 at 3:42

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You are correct. After posting this I started going through from square one again and did find an error in the connection string I was using.

After fixing that connection the pages were able to load and function without error.

It was strange that the error was being thrown after the reference to the connection but it appears it was showing up the first time it was called.

There were a few little things that needed to be done like changing db references in sql queries where they were used but other than that fixing the connection worked.

Going forward though it sounds from my research that I should be using mysqli_ whenever possible.

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