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I'm currently working with KnockoutJS, jQuery UI's sortable and Masonry. I use Knockout to display a list of cards, Masonry to arrange the cards properly, and sortable for sorting the cards.

The cards are of similar size, but I'll be introducing different sizes later on so I surely need Masonry to help me arrange them.

I'm using a customized bindingHandler function for the sortable so that when the user sorts the cards, the item's position gets updated in the knockout observableArray.


Since the knockout sortable function removes the item from the last position and puts it back to a new position, Masonry messes up and somehow sortable also not functions properly. What I discovered was if I simply float left all the cards without using Masonry, sortable works fine.

I plan to undo Masonry at the start of the sortable, and put it back at the stop of the sortable. However I don't know how to unbind Masonry. Is there a way? Or at least a way to get it working.

Here's a prototype of what I'm trying to do: http://jsbin.com/avujom/9/edit

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