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I have a 7.1 channel audio output device and a custom kext to drive that. My custom application needs to send 7.1 rear channel audio data to the device but the device receives only 2 channel audio data. I checked "Configure Speaker" option in "Audio MIDI setup" application and it's set to stereo. When I set it to "7.1 Rear Surround" everything works fine. In my final product, I don't want the user to have to do all of this manually. So, the question is - Is there any Core Audio API or any other means of doing this programatically?

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Ok, after playing around with some Core Audio APIs, finally I could get this done.

  1. Get the AudioDeviceID:

    AudioDeviceID audioDevice = getMyAwesomeDeviceID();
  2. Create an AudioObjectPropertyAddress:

    AudioObjectPropertyAddress propertyAddress;
    propertyAddress.mSelector = kAudioDevicePropertyPreferredChannelLayout;
    propertyAddress.mScope = kAudioDevicePropertyScopeOutput;
    propertyAddress.mElement = kAudioObjectPropertyElementMaster;
  3. Query if the audio object has this property:

    AudioObjectHasProperty(audioDevice, &propertyAddress)
  4. Get the data size of this property and create AudioChannelLayout:

    UInt32 propSize(0);
    AudioObjectGetPropertyDataSize(audioDevice, &propertyAddress, 0, NULL, &propSize);
    AudioChannelLayout* layout = (AudioChannelLayout*)malloc(propSize);
  5. Configure your AudioChannelLayout structure (eg: stereo layout):

    AudioChannelLabel labels[2] = {kAudioChannelLabel_Right, kAudioChannelLabel_Left};
    layout->mNumberChannelDescriptions = 2;
    for (UInt32 i = 2; i < layout->mNumberChannelDescriptions; i++) {
        layout->mChannelDescriptions[i].mChannelLabel = labels[i];
        layout->mChannelDescriptions[i].mChannelFlags = kAudioChannelFlags_AllOff;
  6. Set the AudioObject property data:

    AudioObjectSetPropertyData(audioDevice, &propertyAddress, 0, NULL, propSize, layout);
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