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Users Table

user_id    username    thumb_id    fullimage_id
1          jprescott   14          15
2          lpausch     18          19

Images Table

image_id    path
14          jprescott/small.jpg
15          jprescott/big.jpg
16          msamuels/small.jpg
17          msamuels/big.jpg
18          lpausch/small.jpg
19          lpausch/big.jpg

Now, how do I write a SELECT statement to retrieve a user with the thumb and fullimage paths? The issue is that of having two foreign keys of the same table.

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2 Answers

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You do two joins:

SELECT u.username, i1.path AS thumb, i2.path AS full
  FROM users AS u
    JOIN images AS i1 ON u.thumb_id = i1.image_id
    JOIN images AS i2 ON u.fullimage_id = i2.image_id
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Awesome, that worked perfectly! –  gAMBOOKa Oct 31 '09 at 22:24
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How about:

select u.username, i1.path, i2.path from users u, images i1, images i2 
  where u.user_id = ? and u.thumb_id = i1.image_id and u.fullimage_id = i2.image_id
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