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We are running some heavy computations that can take a lot of time (even days). We have an architecture similar to that of a compiler (compiler + linker):

  • many blocks of data that need to be computed (they are computed by a solver.exe executable) - similar to a compiler
  • a gatherer application that combines all the results into the final form - similar to a linker

What I saw is that distcc does the distribution over the network quite nicely. Unfortunately distcc works under unix environment.

Is there a platform that can provide something similar to what distcc does, but under Windows (7+) platform?

LATER EDIT: Added C++ tag because if such framework exists we would benefit from our C++ coding experience.

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You can use distcc on Windows boxes under Cygwin. –  Retired Ninja May 15 '13 at 6:43

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I don't know of any free/open source solutions for Windows, but there are two commercial offerings which may help:

ElectricAccelerator from Electric Cloud. ElectricAccelerator was originally designed to accelerate software builds, but can distribute arbitrary processes to a network of computers for execution in parallel. Based on what you've said, it should be straightforward to use Accelerator for your needs. It is available on both Linux and Windows.

Xoreax Incredibuild was also originally designed to accelerate software builds, but like Accelerator, Incredibuild can distribute arbitrary processes. It is available only on Windows.

Disclaimer: I am the architect of ElectricAccelerator

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+1 very good links –  INS May 27 '13 at 7:48

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