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Sorry, but something weird is happening to me. I thought I should share.

Everything works fine in my CodeIgniter install doing local development, but I noticed that if I for example clicked on a link with the value of href being “controller/function” everything works fine. If I try to navigate to another page (essentially to another function inside my controller, say “controller/function1”, my CodeIgniter stacks the URL. The following is an example of what it does!


I was checking the community and only CodeIgniter 1.5.3 was mentioned to have some sort of bug even though I believe to check myself as well. What is happening to the URL above?

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The link you posted will only work on your machine. Post a link with a proper domain name, not "localhost". –  Michael Petrotta Oct 31 '09 at 22:35

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I figured it out. Sorry about the link, but I had to use site_url(). All the links were fine. I did not have a case of "accumulated links" in my address bar. So I did this for all my hrefs,

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