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I am new to SWT/JFace development. I am trying to change the style of the

Button displayed in the JFace Dialog Box like color, font, size and add image to the button.

for e.g; i have to create a button in circular shape

Please suggest me a way.

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All SWT elements have corresponding styling methods like:


and so on.

In Eclipse before Juno it is the way you "style" widgets.

In Eclipse 4.0 it is possible to style with CSS. You can read more about this on Lars Vogel's page about Eclipse 4 CSS Styles.

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above mentioned functions are only for formatting the existing the widget what if i have to create my own styled widget? e.g; if i want to create a button in circular shape then what should i do . I have to modify widgets for eclipse 3.4 only so i cant use CSS – darindaCoder May 15 '13 at 9:13

If you want to create/style a completely custom Widget, then you will have to create it yourself by subclassing Canvas or Composite.

There is an excellent tutorial from Eclipse here: Creating Your Own Widgets using SWT

If you are just looking for ways to modify the color of existing Widgets, look at the answer from @MichalBorek.

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