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I am planning to use Google spreadsheet API to fetch data from a spreadsheet and render it in my mobile app using Sencha Touch. I have seen few blogs and tutorial which explain how to fetch and parse data but when I am trying the same I am not getting column wise data as attributes in entry object instead I am getting comma separated data in content tag.

To give you an example, here is sample spreadsheet in which I have change headers and data:


and here is its feed:


but when I created same spreadsheet by hand from scratch I am not getting gsx$name & gsx$processedlinkurl attribute in JSON. Here is that sheet:


Here is the JSON:


To mark first row as header I have frozen first row in my sheet still JSON is not giving me header wise data in JSON.

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OK I got the mistake, it is values instead of basic which is to be used in URL while accessing spreadsheet API to get all headers in result which means

Correct URL:


Wrong URL:


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