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I am using the Plivo API. When I do a phone number search. I get this returned in the terminal:

     "region"=>"New York, UNITED STATES",

How can I loop through it and render as HTML to get a result like this:

Region: json_obj['region']
Prefix: json_obj['prefix']
and so on ...

The plivo gem facilitates getting the returned object with:

obj = response.last

I have tried:

obj = response.last
@region = obj['region']

followed by:

<%= @region %> 

which produces an error message to say that object or method does not exist, or just nothing.

My ruby code is:

get '/search' do
    erb :search


get '/search/data' do
    country_iso = params[:country_iso]
    region = params[:region]
    prefix = params[:prefix]
    p = RestAPI.new(AUTH_ID, AUTH_TOKEN)
    params = {'country_iso' => country_iso, 'region' => region, 'prefix' => prefix}
    #warn params.inspect
    response = p.get_number_group(params)
    pp response
    obj = response.last
    @region = obj['region']
    @prefix = obj['prefix']
    erb :search

The terminal shows me that the params are passed correctly from the ajax call and the desired number search takes place, I just cannot print the json response out in nice HTML.

Should erb :search appear twice as above or just once? On the search.erb page there is a dropdown and input boxes to collect the parameters, that all works fine.

Sorry it's so long. To summarise: how can I render a json response in nice HTML and am I getting confused about my erb pages with the two ruby segments above?

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are you sure you are getting that response in an obj as this is working nicely codepad.org/H7WT4brc –  swapnesh May 15 '13 at 8:26
That looks great, but .... where do I put this puts obj['region'] puts obj['prefix'] ? In the get '/search/data' do section? Then, what code goes on the erb :search page to render the response? That's (an important part) part of the problem! Thank you. And then what code do I need to write on the erb :search to render the result? –  user1903663 May 15 '13 at 8:32
It "puts" it in the terminal, what do I need to do to "put" it in HTML on search.erb? That's half the difficulty for me! –  user1903663 May 15 '13 at 8:36
This is what appears in the terminal: [200, {"meta"=> {"previous"=>nil, "total_count"=>36, "offset"=>0, "limit"=>1, "next"=> "/v1/Account/MAZDQ1ZJIYMDZKMMZKYM/AvailableNumberGroup/?prefix=415&limit=1&count‌​ry_iso=US&region=California&offset=1"}, "api_id"=>"b2fff2d2-bd3b-11e2-aed1-22000ac413e7", "objects"=> [{"stock"=>50, "voice_enabled"=>true, "region"=>"California, UNITED STATES", "voice_rate"=>"0.00900", , "group_id"=>"11569714026792", "sms_enabled"=>true, "resource_uri"=> }]}] –  user1903663 May 15 '13 at 8:46
Yes, I am getting the response in an obj. I tried: obj = response.last pp obj and it printed to the object fine (in the terminal). So my problem is still how to get it on the the HTML page. Are my ruby segments above wrong? Perhaps the clue is there. –  user1903663 May 15 '13 at 8:50

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