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I am trying to search my posts item with pagination. I am doing like this..

@posts = Post.search(params[:search]).paginate(page: params[:page],:per_page => 5)

But it showing NoMethodError

undefined method `paginate' for #<Array:0x9a93f08>

I don't know where i am wrong. Please help

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I just change my code

@posts = Post.search(params[:search]).paginate(page: params[:page],:per_page => 5)

to this

@posts = Post.paginate(page: params[:page],:per_page => 5).search(params[:search])

Now it works fine :)

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params[:search]) gives you an array. And Array don't have paginate method, so errors thrown up. Use p params[:search]).inspect to see the same.

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I will advise you to use Kaminari instead. As you can see by the Readme there's one section on to paginate Arrays. Also make sure you read the Kaminari recipes where is an example on paginate Arrays.

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