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Does anyone know how I can set the WindowBuilder Editor as default editor for all (or some) .java files? I love WindowBuilder, but it's "a waste of time" to have to do right click -> Open With -> WindowBuilder Editor... I'm using Eclipse Juno. Thanks in advance!

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Try if activating Associate WindowBuilder editor with automatically recognized Java GUI files in Window -> Preferences -> WindowBuilder works for you. It is disabled by default.

Another way would be to always open .java files with the WindowBuilder Editor. You can set this here: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations.

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Thanks bro! Tried with the first one, and it seemed like it didn't work, but then the other .java GUI files started to open as default with the WindowBuilder. Thanks! –  FranciscoBouza May 16 '13 at 8:04

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