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I'm sure we can dynamically determine iVars of a class at run time. Is there any way to allocate the determined iVars during run time? TIA..

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The short answer and the one you probably want is:
[obj setValue:@"woof" forKey:@"dog"];

and for ramblings...

you can using the runtime find all of the iVars of a class with:

Ivar * class_copyIvarList(Class cls, unsigned int *outCount)


id someObj; //assigned elsewhere
unsigned int count = 0;
Ivar * iVarList = class_copyIvarList([someObj class],&count);
    Ivar testVar = iVarList[count]; 
    //do something with test Ivar

I am almost sure that you wouldn't ever want to do that except perhaps in a debugging scenario... introspecting the private frameworks etc.

or if you know the name of the iVar you can use:
Ivar object_setInstanceVariable(id obj, const char *name, void *value) or the more objc way of [obj setValue: @"woof" forKey:@"dog"] which will eventually fail through to setting the iVar.

what you could potentially do, and I have had to do in the past is to introspect the properties list:

with an analogous call to: objc_property_t * class_copyPropertyList(Class cls, unsigned int *outCount) this can be useful for copying unknown objects, and for debugging.

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