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But i would like to keep the "official - orange" skin of the player, and none of the custome player available looks similar.

I tried to start from an online player and deleted content via css to reach this very simple result:

I did succeed to reach this result by changing "online" the css with Firefox Firebug, so i know it could works if I had the right files... But i don't know how to do it with the files provided on Github, as they are very different in their design and color.

Where could i find the right files / the basic player?

Thx for your help. Jérémie.

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I'd suggest to go with something like in order to draw the waveform and SoundCloud JS SDK for getting SoundCloud sounds and playing them.

There is an example of how to use the two together on waveformjs website.

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thx. I can't find the example... Just see a broken link in the middle of the page... – Jeremie Abric May 18 '13 at 19:22

Isn't the soundcloud player source code available? Or at least as a component library?

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