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I've set up a small test server that does custom two-factor authentication on Apache, using a mechanism similar to this:

In <VirtualHost> file (of course, there are lots of other settings!):

<Location /2factor>
    PerlAccessHandler Apache::TicketAccess
    ErrorDocument     403 /perl/

So, when I try to access a file in the /2factor directory I get redirected to a login script where I verify a user, password and TOTP from Google Authenticator, if an appropriate cookie is not present. This all works perfectly from both a browser and a smartphone app.

I've been asked to move this code to IIS, but all the example code I see uses either the browser's built-in authentication or LDAP-based solutions. How should I approach this? I'm not wedded to Perl; a C#-based method is perfectly acceptable.

Note, my test environment is just IIS 5.1 and XP.

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