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I want to use regex to highlight the functions of a new programming language but i have a problem in EXCLUDING the functions that have the word "exported" so

ok lines that I have to match examples:

routine hello
   routine hello
   routine hello (a   :  INTEGER)
   routine hello (a   :  INTEGER , b: STRING)

lines that I don't want to match examples:

   routine hello (a   :  INTEGER , b: STRING) exported

I've tried with


but it doesn't work.

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You can use an expression like this to match all lines that don't contain the word "exported":

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I will try, but it's important that is a "routine" an what parameters there are (if there are inside the brackets) beacouse i will put them in the output so i will have my "(non exported)function list" – Dedanan May 15 '13 at 17:00

The following expression also does the trick:


|________________   line begin 
 |_______________   negative lookahead
    |____________   any characters
      |__________   your exclusion word
               |_   any characters
                 |_ end of line
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