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need your help! How can I get the path to the image with the product ID?

Link :: getImageLink () - the first parameter of $ name, I do not know?

$searchResults = Search::find((int)(Tools::getValue('id_lang')), $query, 1, 10, 'position', 'desc', true);
foreach ($searchResults as &$product)
    $product['product_link'] = $this->context->link->getProductLink($product['id_product'], $product['prewrite'], $product['crewrite']);
    $imageid = Product::getCover($product['id_product']);
    // there i have image ID, how get image path $imagepath?
    $product['image'] = $imagepath;
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Take a look at Link::getImageLink(). This is the method you have to use to have the url of a product's image.

$imagePath = Link::getImageLink($product['link_rewrite'], $product['id_product'], 'home_default'); // change the last parameters to get the size you need

This method is also available in the template if you need it with the same syntax

{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_product, 'home_default')}`

EDIT I re-read your question and realized you knew that. So yeah the first parameter is the link_rewrite. Hope this helps

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To get product image properly follow below code & pass parameters properly (If you follow this code, you will not get problem when URL rewrite is enabled).

{$link->getImageLink($name, $ids, $type = NULL) }

details of parameters are like

@param string $name rewrite link of the image
@param string $ids id part of the image filename - can be "id_product-id_image" (legacy support, recommended) or "id_image" (new)
@param string $type

Example for you

<img src="{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $image.id_image, 'large_default')}"  />
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