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<div id="parent" title="parent tooltip" style="width: 500px">
    <div id="child" title="child tooltip" style="width: 100px">

If you hover the child element directly, all cascaded tooltips will show. Neither explicit setting of "onlyOne" nor a different delay for the child-tootlip will help.

Is it possible to show only the one from the child without writing own hover-triggers?

The jQuery code (using V 1.8.2) is as follows:

$("div").tooltipster({onlyOne: true, delay: 100});

After cleaning up my confusion and ignorance of the JQueryUI widget I will use this and do the styling again. But I want to use the tooltipster plugin in future because it offers some features I don't see with the widget. So the question remains unanswered...

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Where's the jQuery code for this? – Nikhil Patil May 15 '13 at 11:55
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I am not seeing an issue here with:



What version of jQuery are you using, they may have fixed something as the tooltip plugin is rather new.

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