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We are using Lift + Mapper (version 2.4) in our project. We as well are using transaction-per-request pattern S.addAround(DB.buildLoanWrapper()).

In one of our requests we need to have nested transaction which we found to be problematic. We found that one of possible 'hacks' is to start transaction in a separate thread (like in example below) because DB object uses ThreadLocal to manage current connection and transaction state info.

Is there any implementation that is better (more safer and without multi-threading) than the one bellow?

  import net.liftweb.db.{DefaultConnectionIdentifier, DB}
  import akka.dispatch.Future

   * Will create a new transaction if none is in progress and commit it upon completion or rollback on exceptions.
   * If a transaction already exists, it has no effect, the block will execute in the context
   * of the existing transaction. The commit/rollback is handled in this case by the parent transaction block.
  def inTransaction[T](f: ⇒ T): T = DB.use(DefaultConnectionIdentifier)(conn ⇒ f)

   * Causes a new transaction to begin and commit after the block’s execution,
   * or rollback if an exception occurs. Invoking a transaction always cause a new one to be created,
   * even if called in the context of an existing transaction.
  def transaction[T](f: ⇒ T): T = Future(DB.use(DefaultConnectionIdentifier)(conn ⇒ f)).get
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Using Future(...).get is completely pointless since it uses two threads instead of one; please remove that and the Akka tag, since this question is not related to Akka. – Roland Kuhn May 15 '13 at 14:53
What do you mean by a "better" implementation? If you use pure squeryl, you can decide this for yourself. If you use just Mapper, AFAIK, you can choose the transaction scope for yourself, too. – Vasya Novikov May 15 '13 at 16:30
to Roland Kuhn: Future is used here precisely to create a separate thread of execution Description should be improved as it lacks necessary explanation which is: if you have DB.use around your request by using loan wrapper then it's one of (and I don't yet know another one) approach of how to force new transaction. Because of usage of Thread Locals simple nested DB.use does absolutely nothing – user1897693 May 16 '13 at 10:00

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an existing API. You can ask about adding one on the google group. However there's nothing stopping you from doing something like:

DB.use(DefaultConnectionIdentidier){ sc =>
  val conn: java.sql.Connection = sc.connection
  // use regular JDBC mechanism here
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