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I am seeing some odd behaviour when trying to override the create action on an Active Admin resource. My reason for overriding the action is that I want to alter the request params slightly first.

ActiveAdmin.register User do

  controller do

    def create


    def update


    def format_params
      params[:user] = ...



What I am seeing is that a create action is being invoked twice - but only on the second time is it my overridden version. By that point, the new record is already created, albeit incorrectly, and the second invoking (which is the overridden version) looks like a duplicate resource.

If I empty the custom #create action and leave only a logging statement, I can see that a record is still being created prior to it being invoked, almost as if there is some sort of before_ callback, although I can't find any such thing in the code.

Even more odd - everything works fine on the overridden #update method - the params are altered and the original #update! method delegated to correctly.

I am using Active Admin 0.5.1 on Rails 3.2.13


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Did you try 5.0 version of Active Admin? – James May 16 '13 at 6:21
Hey. Just tried. Unfortunately there were some view errors which made it difficult to get into the app using that version (I assume you mean 0.5.0). Was there a reason for thinking that the version might be related to this? If so, I'll persevere through the errors. Thanks. – spatchcock May 16 '13 at 7:58

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