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I've designed a website that works through my own PC.

I set the IIS to work with Custom Errors in case user ran into some unknown exception.

I've also added a check that the error page will e-mail me whenever it found an error.

Can I somehow get the error information (Stack and description) from the error page?

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Is this a commercial for the site or a real question? – Yuriy Faktorovich Nov 1 '09 at 6:52
Real question. Don't understand the comment. – Faruz Nov 1 '09 at 6:54
I believe the comment is because the site's address has no relevance to the question; if the kink is relevant, please spell out why. – Marc Gravell Nov 1 '09 at 9:01
Just thought responders can look at the error page itself on the website. – Faruz Nov 1 '09 at 9:52

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I encourages you to use Open Source library out there that provided functional need. My recommendation is ELMAH.

With a few line of settings in your web.config, you will all set. result screen looks like this.

alt text

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Looks great. I was hoping to not use ANOTHER library in my project though. If there's a lighter solution - its preferable. – Faruz Nov 1 '09 at 6:59
It is very lightweight especially use of SQLite. rather than reinvent the wheel. this should take your 5 minutes. – Jirapong Nov 1 '09 at 7:11

Catch any errors that might be thrown and write them to the event log.

EventLog Logger = new EventLog();
Logger.Source = "ApplictionNme";

Logger.WriteEntry("Writing to event log.");
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No problem writing to the EventLog, it actually happens automatically. I just wish that everytime it writes to the event log, I'll know what he writes and e-mail/SMS it to me. – Faruz Nov 1 '09 at 7:17

You can use ASP.NET Health monitoring.

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