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Being somewhat new to node/express, I've been working on a project for myself to be sure I have the fundamentals down. At the moment, I'm really focusing on sessions.

I have a back-end session store set up via redis and use connect-redis to simplify things within the app. I've been playing around with the cookie maxAge and connect-redis TTL and have a single (hopefully simple) question.

Is it best practice to set both connect-redis TTL option and the cookie maxAge or is maxAge sufficient?

Obligatory code:

  store: new RedisStore({ host: '', port: 6379, client: redis, ttl: 3600000 }),
  cookie: { maxAge: 3600000 }

It seems like the maxAge cookie setting "flows through" based upon what I see around line 118 in the connect-redis source but I'm not an expert coder and I can't find written documentation to confirm what I think I'm reading.

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As a general rule, I would advise to set them both. Yes, now it is sufficient to set maxAge, because connect-redis defaults the ttl to maxAge if it is not set explicitly. But that behavior may change in the future. – spotirca May 15 '13 at 13:07

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