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I found that http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/libraries/ has a big list and references but GHCI has a different list (i.e. when you are trying to load a module, GHCI gives you a list of the submodules, that is different, in number, than the one on the web)


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The list you linked to is a selection of widespread packages (which one is shown on the right). What e.g. GHCi offers you is the selection of packages installed on your system with ghc-pkg; installing such packages is usually done with cabal install <package name>. So if you'd like to use some module but ghci won't let you, try installing the package first. If you want to browse the documentation for a module you have installed, but can't find it in the hierarchical libraries list, just Hoogle the package name (if you don't know which one it is: ghc-pkg find-module <module-name> tells you) and you'll get a link to its Haddock documentation.

If you just want a list of all easily available modules, that's a lot. Here's the list of all packages on Hackage, i.e. all you can simply install with cabal install.

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Things will vary depending on what platform you are on, and how you installed ghc; this was probably announced to you sometime during installation in one of those forgettable moments. But with something like unix locate or some other file-system search, you can find the User's guide and the documentation for the libraries that came with ghc by doing something like

 locate docs/index.html

This page will link a Libraries page like the one you linked. If you have a local ~$HOME/.cabal directory the docs for the libraries you have installed with cabal install are listed in


or the like. If cabal install is putting things somewhere else, it can again be found with something like

 locate doc/index.html

So then just open them in a browser and bookmark the links. The latter page is updated by haddock whenever you install something with cabal install

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IIRC you have to set documentation: True in ~/.cabal/config if you want this. –  hammar May 15 '13 at 14:29
Ah I think that's right, it's not the default -- but if not, by all means do that, though compiling will take a little longer since it will put haddock to work. In some arrangements, e.g. I think the new OS X haskell platform and maybe the still-current one, the config file will be somewhere else, something to do with Libraries and Frameworks. –  applicative May 15 '13 at 14:32

On Debian, the documentation of all packages installed via apt-get ist available at


(at least if you have installed the -doc packages for all your -dev packages.)

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The "latest" in the URL may give you a view different than what it is available in your ghc version.

So check your version and substitute it in the URL as in

GHC libraries: http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/7.4.2/html/libraries/

Haskell platform libraries: http://lambda.haskell.org/platform/doc/2012.4.0.0/ (subst. the last part with your version nr.)

The platform and compiler libraries may be overriden by installed updated packages, so

for GHCi, it has access to the same libraries as the compiler, plus the packages you give at start with the -package flag.

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