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I am creating custom secondary flip tile for a Windows phone 8 app by generating front and back images as backgrounds. In order to maintain control over the length and font size displayed text labels i am rendering them as part of the background image, and basically have all the text resources of the tile empty.

I am looking for the default stiles of both titles and back content such as font size, font family, font weight, character spacing etc.

Can someone point me to the right documentation. I was not able to find anything. My best approach to date was to use screenshot of a system default tile and use it as a background of my custom template and to tweak the properties of the text blocks in order to mimic the same look and feel, but i dislike this approach as it produces unreliable values.

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Here is a list of all pre-defined themes in Windows Phones Theme resources for Windows Phone

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the exact style myself, but here is a similar question, where you can find relevant answer Font size and family for a tile's title

If you are interested in the toolkit, here is link to the latest version The Windows Phone Toolkit

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