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So this seems a little complicated on my side, so I'll try and first set the scene as clearly as possible.

[ActiveRecord, JoinedBase]
abstract BaseClass
    public x;
    public y;

[ActiveRecord, JoinedBase]
ClassA : BaseClass { }

[ActiveRecord, JoinedBase]
ClassB : BaseClass { }

abstract GraphicBaseClass : BaseClass
    public height;
    public width;

[ActiveRecord, JoinedBase]
ClassC : GraphicBaseClass { }

[ActiveRecord, JoinedBase]
ClassD : GraphicBaseClass { }

[ActiveRecord, JoinedBase]
ClassE : GraphicBaseClass { }

Note: several keywords and other fluff ignored for saving on the wall of text I need to enter.

So the textual explanation of that... we have a standard base class "BaseClass" that implements a number of properties. We then have a couple of classes "ClassA" and "ClassB" that are specific types of the base. We then use an intermediate base class "GraphicBaseClass" that adds height and width properties, which the remaining 3 classes inherit from. This results in the single BaseClass common table, and the 5 specific tables for each of the concrete classes.

I have a query that in the majority works on the base properties. In certain circumstances I want to query on the height and width. As GraphicBaseClass is not an activerecord class I cannot use that as the base of the query. Currently I'm using the QueryOver syntax, but I can't find a way to query the three GraphicBaseClass derived entities with the height and width properties.

The closest I got so far was:

QueryOver<BaseClass, BaseClass> query = QueryOver.Of<BaseClass>()
    .Where(bc => bc.x == something)
if (actualTypes.All(x => x.IsSubclassOf(typeof (GraphicBaseClass))))
    // Filter by dimensions
    if (criteria.RestrictSize)
        if (criteria.FilterByDimension)
            query.DetachedCriteria.Add(Restrictions.Lt("Width", criteria.Width + 10));
            query.DetachedCriteria.Add(Restrictions.Lt("Height", criteria.Height + 10));

This resulted in sql something like:

SELECT TOP (4 /* @p0 */) this_.BaseClassId as BaseClass1_97_5_,
                 this_.Version                   as Version97_5_,
                 this_.BaseClassType          as BaseClass2_97_5_,
                 this_1_.Width                   as Width99_5_,
                 this_1_.Height                  as Height99_5_,
                 this_2_.Width                   as Width100_5_,
                 this_2_.Height                  as Height100_5_,
                 this_3_.X                       as X101_5_,
                 this_4_.Width                   as Width102_5_,
                 this_4_.Height                  as Height102_5_,
                 this_5_.X                       as X103_5_,
FROM   BaseClass this_
       left outer join ClassC this_1_
         on this_.BaseClassId = this_1_.ClassCId
       left outer join ClassD this_2_
         on this_.BaseClassId = this_2_.ClassDId
       left outer join ClassA this_3_
         on this_.BaseClassId = this_3_.ClassAId
       left outer join ClassE this_4_
         on this_.BaseClassId = this_4_.ClassEId
       left outer join ClassB this_5_
         on this_.BaseClassId = this_5_.ClassBId
WHERE  and this_1_.Width between 0 /* @p8 */ and 'Height' /* @p9 */

So it's only applying the height and width restriction to one of the 3 required classes.

I am looking for any answer here, if it can be done in HQL or the Criteria API or whatever is required to achieve the result.

Apologies for the wall of text!!


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