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I want to send a mail to some users after workflow is done. This email should contain 3 xls file or 1 xls file with 3 sheets. The xls file contains a query result -less than 50 rows- which is loaded by a task dynamically on each run of the workflow.

So in Informatica I couldn't see an option inside the "Email" task to attach anything. Can you help me please?

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You cannot send emails with attachments using the Email task (don't ask me why, I cannot imagine any reason for that and this is how it is).

However, sessions can send emails and these emails may contain attachments - the appropriate options are on the Components tab, the variable you need is %a<>.

More information: How to attach new files to email task?

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I see... Thanks! –  Görkem Hatipoğlu May 16 '13 at 7:27
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cat filename | mailx -s "subject" abc@def.com


use mutt command to send files as attachments

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