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So I'm writing some code that reads from a file:

array[k] = Salesperson(infile.nextInt(), infile.nextInt(), myName);

I wrote a constructor for Salesperson that looks somewhat likes this:

public Salesperson(int cheese, int butter, String name)

When I try to compile (first Salesperson, then the actual program), I get this:

program.java:39: cannot find symbol

symbol : method Salesperson(int,int,java.lang.String)

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You're missing the new keyword. e.g.

array[k] = new Salesperson(infile.nextInt(), infile.nextInt(), myName);

This is resulting in the compiler attempting to find a method called Salesperson that returns a type of Salesperson, which would be invalid anyway.

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wow. I don't even know how both I and the person sitting next to me missed that @_@ – Fox Wilson May 15 '13 at 14:13
A good IDE, like IntelliJ, would have found it faster than both of you. – duffymo May 15 '13 at 14:14

Use the new keyword. You should do it:

array[k] = new Salesperson(infile.nextInt(), infile.nextInt(), myName);

You can't assign without the new keyword because it's not a method where you can return a value.

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As I see it, you have declared an array of Salesperson objects and you want to put data into it from a file. What you are missing is the new keyword. Using new keyword creates a new object of the class and calls the constuctor in the process. You may use the follwing code:

array[k] = new Salesperson(infile.nextInt(), infile.nextInt(), myName);
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