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I have generated an Apex class from my WSDL successfully and was able to authenticate on the remote server by setting the HTTP Authorization header manually. I have double checked on the remote server that…

  • the HTTP authentication works corrently
  • the webservice returns the correct response XML
  • no errors are thrown (no try/catch statements in the entire code)

However, if I inspect the result of the webservice call, I always get a "null" object back. I suspect that Salesforce is not able to generate an Object from the XML response. Any ideas on why that could be and what i could try? Did someone already have the same problem?

This is how i do the call:

String user = 'username';
String pass = 'secret';

MyService.InfoSoap soapClient = new MyService.InfoSoap();
Blob raw = Blob.valueOf( user + ':' + pass );
String token = EncodingUtil.base64Encode( raw );
soapClient.inputHttpHeaders_x = new Map<String, String>{
    'Authorization' => 'Basic ' + token

Integer externalId = 1234;

// prints "null" to the debug log
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We managed to fix the problem today, by adding a namespace to every single XML element in the response.

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