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I have a json string like below :

{ "error" : "xxxx" , "data" : int type or {...other complex json object} }

I don't know when return int or other json string from data field , and how to deserialize this ?

when type of data is object or dynamic , the real deserialized type of data is int or Dictionary using JavaScriptSerializer.Deserialize(string json).

the real deserialized type of data is Int64 or JContainer when using Json.Net.

is there a elegance way to solve this ? I don't think reflection is a good way.

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have a look at this post please: stackoverflow.com/questions/9145667/… Here is the library I mention in this post, I wrote it to help me deserialize/serialize json requests/responses. github.com/ademargomes/JsonRequest –  Ademar May 15 '13 at 15:29

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You can create object-wrapper and put data type identificator to the first field of this wrapper.

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