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I'm using Visual Studio Pro 2012, with Team Foundation Service. I have several projects on the server I want to delete. I'm trying to use Developer Command Prompt for VS2012 to delete a project on the server with the command:

TfsDeleteProject /q /force /collection:https://<your tenant 
name>.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection <Project Name>

However I get the response:

TF200040: You cannot delete a team project with your version of Team Explorer. C
ontact your system administrator to determine how to upgrade your Team Explorer
client to the version compatible with Team Foundation Server.

I have installed Team Explorer 2012 and this has made no difference. How can I delete a project or resolve this issue?

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Unfortunately, we broke it in a deployment this week. We deployed the fix today. Sorry for the trouble!

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Needs to be in this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE

Also make sure you don't put quotes round the project name (seems to break it): TfsDeleteProject /q /force collection:https://myproj.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection MyProject

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