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I am currently writing a PHP file that prints to a C++ .h file. I would like for the PHP parts of the file to be highlighted with a pink background while I am editing the C++ code outside of PHP.

Currently what I have is:

(make-face 'font-lock-special-macro-face)
(set-face-background 'font-lock-special-macro-face "pink")
(defun add-custom-keyw()
  "adds a few special keywords for c and c++ modes"
  (font-lock-add-keywords nil
     ("<\\?[^\\?]*\\?>" . 'font-lock-special-macro-face )
     ; more of those would go here

However, this only highlights the sections of PHP enclosed in <?= ?>, i.e. the echo statements. Furthermore, it only highlights them if there are no curly braces or square brackets enclosed in such a section of PHP. What I would like to happen is for emacs to highlight the entirety of PHP enclosed by <?= ?> and for it to highlight PHP code enclosed by <?php ?> whenever the cursor resides outside PHP code.

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