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I have a list companies and their websites (for example: http://www.target.com). I'd like to programatically determine their pages on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/target). How can I use FQL to get the Facebook username, page_id, or actual Facebook page_url from a company's website?

I've searched for a query or combination of queries that can get me there, but no avail. The obvious query

SELECT page_id, page_url FROM page WHERE website = 'http://www.target.com'

fails because website is not an indexed field.

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This FQL will start getting any website containing the string passed toCONTAINS function. After getting a list of websites, the condition website = "www.google.com" will filter the list of websites and get exactly the page info required.

This is the FQL you need to execute:

Select page_id,page_url,website from page where website = "www.google.com" 
And username in (select username,website from page where contains("google.com"))

Note : Use the domain and domain TLD only like google.com or only google inside CONTAINS function

But if you executed this FQL

select page_id,page_url,website from page where contains("www.google.com")

You will notice that you will get a big list of output that don't meet the search criteria..


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Thanks - this looks promising. Field 'website' is not an indexed field in table 'page', so FQL threw an error when I used it as a query condition (see code in my original post). Is it the addition of a second indexed field in the condition that makes this acceptable to FQL? – Michael B May 16 '13 at 5:19
I've noticed that the website field may or may not contain the scheme (http, https) and may or may not contain a subdomain (www, etc.) using strpos(website, "google.com") >= 0 is a good filter rather than website = "www.google.com" – Michael B May 16 '13 at 19:19
Welcome my friend and thanks for the addition of using the function - strpos. GOOOD LUCK – Mohammed Alaghbari May 16 '13 at 22:42

Facebook limits what is searchable. I believe the best you can do is to search for "Target.com" in all Facebook pages.

SELECT page_id, page_url FROM page WHERE CONTAINS('target.com')
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