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I wanted to access a server API I made with Yesod 1.2 from a bookmarklet. I wanted to POST from the bookmarklet at any other sites. The server API has an authentication (by Mozilla Persona and Google ID). This means:

  • The server has to accept a cross-origin request from a bookmarklet.
  • The server needs authentication for the API access from the bookmarklet.

I added OPTIONS to my Handler according to the following.


Allowing cross-origin requests in Yesod

I noticed, however, that the request is forwarded to /auth/login of the Yesod app, even after the user is logged in from the browser (I think this makes sense because these two are different domains). Auth is handled in a subsite. So I think I need OPTIONS for /auth/login as well. How can I add OPTIONS for Auth subsite in config/routes file?

Or, is there any better way to have authentication from a bookmarklet?

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Two approaches:

  1. Send a pull request for yesod-auth to include OPTIONS.
  2. Use a middleware to handle that request.

I'd go for (1), you'll be benefiting the community and it will be easier to maintain.

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Thanks for the answer! I have only used yesod-auth as a black box, but this will be a good chance for me to look into the source code in more detail. –  Hiro May 17 '13 at 0:08
Hey Hiro -- I am going to be diving into the same thing in the next week or two. Want to compare notes? If so, shoot me a note, c at getloxley dot com. –  Christian Brink May 17 '13 at 4:08
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