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I've inherited a project that used to have a build script that bundle installed with the --without env flag. Now I need that env.

I removed the --without flag from the build script, but those preferences are cached by bundler in .bundle/config. The build server has some confusing auto-caching of dependencies itself, and I have no idea where the .bundle/config is located.

Is there an bundler invocation capable of unsetting these --without preferences? A --with would be nice.

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While undocumented in the bundle install help, bundle config notes you can reset or unset the without flag via bundle config without newenv and bundle config --delete without respectively.

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You could always remove the .bundle directory and reinstall. The only reason I'd hesitate to do this is if you have versions of gems that are no longer available. You could always move it first to test:

mv .bundle _bundle
bundle install

If that works, you can remove the temporary _bundle directory, or whatever you've called it.

If it screws up, you can always restore it:

rm -rf .bundle
mv _bundle .bundle
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That would involve messing with the .bundle folder manually--something I can't do. I need an bundler-CLI solution. –  Chris Keele May 15 '13 at 17:12
The Gemfile and Gemfile.lock should have all the information required to re-generate the contents of the .bundle directory, but if you're prevented from messing with it because of policy, you might have to go about this the hard way. –  tadman May 15 '13 at 18:08

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