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i want to implement SSO in cakephp project i will used cookies for doing this some adivice me to check cakephp as there is a property that let you share session in diffrent application using sessions

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This article might be able to help you. I have to admit that I've not had much luck in the past getting CakePHP to play nicely with another framework. The alternative is to require the other application to use CakePHP's sessions, which is typically easier if it's not itself a framework. If both are frameworks, I would recommend the first link.

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+1 for the first link. Cake sessions outside cake are not that successful as you already suggested. – Fr0zenFyr Nov 7 '12 at 6:07

I do this , I go to mange this using cookies , with native coding , as All project share the same domain. i make diffrent kind od cookies witch save : 1- Key 2- Security Hsah 3- User Data Encrypted
4- save user last session into database to check on it 5-Back up server for logggin , beacuse if the main server down no one can loggin , 6- Enable single application login in case two server are down or an accessable.

With Some Flows , And ideas i make a good solution .

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