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I have a boost shared pointer which is passed to my QT Widget in order to update the GUI if a certain variable is changed..but somehow i get an access violation Exception..maybe someone can help me on this one(notice that kinectmanager is not null, i can call its methods and do stuff..) :

This is the portion of code where the errors occurs ( at the CONNECT function )

void MTBFWidget::setKinectHandler(KinectHandlerPtr km)



In the "MTBFWidget.h"

class KinectHandler;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<KinectHandler> KinectHandlerPtr;
public slots:
    void setslidervalue(int);

In the "KinectHandler.h"

        void positionhaschanged(int value);

where the signal is emitted in the KinectHandler.cpp :

emit positionhaschanged(reader.getPosition());
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Where the AV happens - on connect or on signal invocation? Are you sure that the pointee managed by the shared_ptr outlives the signal? –  Igor R. May 15 '13 at 19:12
Did you try to use debugger to investigate exact where does it crash? Do you have a stacktrace? –  Kamil Klimek May 16 '13 at 7:16

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